Our school is a senior high school located in Nea Smyrni, an area of ATHENS, not very far from the Acropolis and the historical center of the city, as well as, within 10 minutes’ drive south to the ATHENS RIVIERA Download the Three Kingdoms War.

It is named after our ancient epic poet HOMER and was originally located in SMYRNI, Asia Minor but after the catastrophe of the area in 1922 and the persecution of the Greeks from their homelands, the refugees came to the area and formed NEA SMYRNI

250 students consist our school community, along with about 20 teachers of various disciplines 삼성 핸드폰 드라이버.

Actually, in the school premises coexist a second Senior High School (3rd Likio) and 2 Junior High Schools(GYMNASIA)

The first 3 forms consist the GYMNASIO, junior high school, and the last three forms consist the LIKIO, senior high school with separate heads 원피스 16기.

The last form students can choose among subjects on maths and science, finance and socio-humanistic lessons based on their interests. The 5th form students (2nd likio form) choose science-maths and socio-humanistic subjects but there are compulsory ones in both forms Download up and down exid. Students of the 4th form follow a certain curriculum with only given the chance to choose among different projects which enhance their interests on different areas of entrepreneurship, culture, photography, English literature, environment etc Download the Tamu Star.

Actually, our students since their GYMNASIO years have taken part in various projects with visits abroad and ERASMUS + exchanges and they are open to new experiences 거울나라의 앨리스 한글자막 다운로드.